what? (intro)

The elemental being that is Fukushima has been bumping up against me for a while, wanting attention. I was keeping up with the news – if you can call it news – about the ongoing meltdowns and radioactive discharges into the Pacific, feeling more horrified with each update. I didn’t want to tune in energetically to the thing itself, no way. It was way too scary even when I tried not to think about it.

But one day in a quiet moment my heart was overflowing with gratitude, and the radiation sidled up again. I turned my attention toward it without thinking first, without first shutting down into fear mode, and I was surprised to register its immediate relief. The radiation, or at least the part of it that had bumped into me, went into resonance with my emotional state. It morphed in a moment from a spiky grey chaotic jumble that had no meaning but a whole lot of action, into a calmer smoother presence weaving its way through the coherent energetic pattern of gratitude.

Love – I’ll just call it love for shorthand – didn’t stop the radiation in any way. I understood that the radiation could only do what it does, that there is no stopping it. But the radiation wanted to do what it does in the state of love. It wanted desperately to do what it does as part of the fabric of life, not as the destroyer of life. And it was looking to me – yes me personally but more to the point every single human – for direction.

It was as if the radiation were saying, “You created me – now what do you want me to do?” Fukushima offers us the opportunity and the challenge to step up into our responsibilities and abilities as co-creators. We do have choices here. We are part of the fabric of life and so is Fukushima.  What future can we create, together, in love?

This forum is offered as a small contribution to the essential transformation now underway. I’ll do my best to translate my experiences with the Fukushima energies into words. Guest bloggers are welcome too. I look forward to your responses and additions and hope this site can become a useful conversation.

…Gina Covina




One thought on “what? (intro)

  1. Your deep gratitude opened the portal to understanding this ultimate transformation of fear into love. In choosing to dance with, rather than run from Fuki, you have made an ally rather than a foe, and we thank you.

    Yes, flowers take root deep within the fertile cracks of destruction’s wake. Trummerflora reaches up to the radiant starshine, choosing opportunity over crisis.. like a healed bone that is now stronger in the broken places. Everything is vibrating, constantly rearranging. Upheaval, rebalance, upheaval, rebalance.. tripping our way to the tipping point. Yes, what if we can realign with this frequency and see through our fear of the unknown~
    to find Fuki is not a malevolent menace, but rather a messenger of peace?

    Though human is just one cell in the infinite body of the cosmos, Love has chosen us to reawaken. Let us choose to re-ignite the spark in our hearts, that the brilliant light of kindness may guide us all. That we may invite Fuki to join us in a return to balance with all things.. to amplify our joy Together.
    Kokoro Ohkami, Ai Ochitsuki. Love is calm as the heart of the Wolf.

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